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Why Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated ? Know the Reason behind this

Why Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated ? This is a question that rises in the minds of people during the time of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha bandhan is a festival unique to Indian culture. It celebrates the purity of sibling love and creates bonds for lifetime. We are here to know the Reason Behind Raksha Bandhan Celebration. Most of the Elders in the Indian community might be familiar with the reason behind the Raksha Bandhan Celebration and they will be knowing Why Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated. Everyone should know the reason Behind Raksha Bandhan Celebration, so we are here with the post.raksha bandhan 2018


Why Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated ?


There are various stories that point to origin of the famous Festival Raksha Bandhan. We have mentioned the most famous and logical one. 🙂

Laxmi Devi stories:-

Devil  King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi as in line with an account of Bhagavata Purana and a few a part of Vishnu Purana, even as Lord Vishnu gained the three worlds from the evil/demon King Bali, he requested through the king to live beside him within the palace. The Lord recognized the requested and commenced out living with the demon king. however, Goddess Lakshmi Devi, spouse of Lord Vishnu wanted to return to his native region of Vaikuntha. she has tied the rakhi wrist of the demon king Bali, Bali made him a brother of Laxmi Devi. Asking demon king Bali for her the return gift,  Lakshmi Devi asked Bali to independent her husband from his
prisoner and permit him to go Vaikuntha. Bali has agreed with Laxmi Devi to the request.laxmi raksha bandhan


The Lord  Santoshi Devi:-

it’s far said that the 2 sons of Lord Ganesha especially, Shubh and Labh became irritated that they had no sister. They requested for a sister from their father but they’re who obliged to their sister on the intervention of  Narada. God Ganesha was created by Santoshi Maa through his divine flames and the two sons of Lord Ganesha were given their sister for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.


Some religion books:-

primarily based on  Mahabharat tale of man or woman Draupadi, spouse of five Pandavas, she becomes tied a rakhi to Lord Krishna even as Kunti tied the rakhi to her grandson Abhimanyu earlier than the epic conflict.

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